about the solutions to Catriona Agg's puzzles

About the Solutions to Catriona Agg’s Puzzles

The purpose of these pages is to create a list of solutions to Catriona Agg’s puzzles and index which techniques are used. One use of this would be to determine which puzzles could be used to develop a deeper understanding of those techniques.

Each puzzle has three pages: a main page, a solution page, and a techniques page. The main page has the puzzle together with a link to the twitter thread where it first appeared. The main page does not contain any spoilers about the puzzle’s solution. The techniques page lists the (main) techniques used in a solution. Where multiple solutions are given, these are listed separately on that page. Then the solution page contains one or more solutions with links to the ideas and techniques used.

For the time being, this wiki is locked. However, it is always useful to have feedback so there is a github project to track suggestions and errors.